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Welcome to Rightmove's FREE standalone Energy Performance Graph Generator.
The purpose of Rightmove’s Energy Performance Graph Generator is to enable Estate Agents and Property Developers to generate their own copies of the Energy Performance Graphs in jpg format either for loading to websites or to use within sales brochures and other media. You have unlimited use of this free tool and can generate Energy Performance Graphs for all your properties.

How do I create an Energy Performance Graph?
Simply follow these steps...

EPC (for completed homes) PEA (for incomplete new homes)

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Current  Potential





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PLEASE NOTE: The EPC Graph Generator does not allow Current ratings to be greater than Potential ratings. The Potential value represents a theoretical maximum that can only be reached if all possible energy efficiency modifications are made (loft insulation, draft excluders); it does not represent what would happen to the energy ratings if other work is done on the property. For example, if someone plans to add a skylight to a property this does not affect the Potential value until such time as the work is complete and a new EPC survey is completed.

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